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SEC Filings

MYOKARDIA INC filed this Form 10-Q on 05/09/2019
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prohibit stockholder action by written consent;


establish an advance notice procedure for stockholder approvals to be brought before an annual meeting of our stockholders, including proposed nominations of persons for election to our board of directors;


provide that our directors may be removed only for cause and with the vote of the holders of 75% or more of our outstanding capital stock then entitled to vote at an election of directors;


provide that vacancies on our board of directors may be filled only by a majority of directors then in office, even if less than a quorum;


specify that no stockholder is permitted to cumulate votes at any election of directors;


expressly authorize our board of directors to modify, alter or repeal our amended and restated bylaws; and


require supermajority votes of the holders of our common stock to amend specified provisions of our amended and restated certificate of incorporation and amended and restated bylaws.

These provisions, alone or together, could delay or prevent hostile takeovers and changes in control or changes in our management.

In addition, because we are incorporated in Delaware, we are governed by the provisions of Section 203 of the Delaware General Corporation Law, which limits the ability of stockholders owning in excess of 15% of our outstanding voting stock to merge or combine with us.

Any provision of our amended and restated certificate of incorporation or amended and restated bylaws or Delaware law that has the effect of delaying or deterring a change in control could limit the opportunity for our stockholders to receive a premium for their shares of our common stock and could also affect the price that some investors are willing to pay for our common stock.

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Unregistered Sales of Equity Securities and Use of Proceeds



Recent Sales of Unregistered Equity Securities




Use of Proceeds

Not applicable.



Issuer Repurchases of Company Equity Securities.


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Defaults Upon Senior Securities


Item 4.

Mine Safety Disclosures

Not applicable.

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Other Information